I extended RANCID 2.3.1 to work with Dell 5324 powerconnect switches. dlogin and drancid were templated from clogin and rancid. rancid-fe only has an additional line added to call drancid for the Dells.

2012/10/19: My site was recently down due to hardware failure. While it was down I discovered that someone has put this code up on github.

2009/11/14: Updated handling of 6248 pagers, and now will send quit command to exit the switch if the exit command fails. Thanks to brightbox.co.uk for providing me with access to their switches to make this update. NOTE: Looks like there are some issues in drancid removing the pager text correctly; I no longer have access to hardware to work on this issue.

2008/10/16: I've received word that this code now works with Dell 6248 switches with an update to the prompt regex. This is now included in the downloads.

You should only need to add the following three files to rancid:

  1. rancid-fe
  2. drancid
  3. dlogin

Download 3 files as tarball.

If you're having trouble getting RANCID to work with your Dell switches, join the rancid-discuss mailing list and ask for help. I'm subscribed to this list, and there are many others there that can help too.

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